Our Cybersecurity Team provides businesses and individuals with the legal expertise necessary to protect valuable data and sensitive media files.

Properly securing internal networks and sensitive data is among the most difficult challenges that modern businesses face.  A data breach can compromise customers’ financial and personal data, damaging the customer relationships upon which business success is founded.  Data breaches also compromise proprietary information, such as trade secrets, that businesses use to gain and maintain advantages in the market.

Hinman, Howard & Kattell’s Cybersecurity Group works closely with businesses to prevent and, when necessary, respond to cybersecurity breaches.  Comprised of attorneys with diverse specializations – including cyberlaw, intellectual property, employment law, banking and healthcare compliance law, and litigation – our Cybersecurity Group provides clients with:

  • Cybersecurity Audits;
  • Network Security Plans;
  • Employee Best Practices; and
  • Post-Breach Counsel Regarding Customer and Government Responses.

We also represent clients in all forms of litigation that arise from data breaches and other cybersecurity issues, including representation in administrative proceedings brought by state and federal governments.

When appropriate, our Cybersecurity Group assists clients with vindicating privacy concerns that arise from unauthorized copying or distribution of personal or business media files.  Our Cybersecurity Group zealously but discretely pursues all legal avenues to see that personal and business media files are returned and that any unauthorized copying or distribution is redressed.