Walter Breakell has joined Hinman, Howard & Kattell, LLP as Senior Counsel at the firm’s Albany office. He is the founder and principal of the Breakell Law Firm P.C., has been practicing law for over 30 years. Through his entire career Walter’s practice has been focused on the construction industry.

He has served contractors, subcontractors, suppliers, sureties, developers, and owners. He has helped his clients through contract reviews, performance disputes, delay claims, disputed and extra work issues, changed conditions, OSHA and labor law matters, payment bond claims, mechanics liens, and more. Walter’s intimate knowledge of the construction industry means he has the unique ability to get two divergent parties communicating in an effort to resolve their particular disputes without the necessity of a time consuming and costly litigation. But he is always prepared to mediate, arbitrate, or litigate a matter, if necessary.

Walter also counsels his clients through all types of business matters. His decades of experience in the industry mean he has insight necessary when aiding his clients in making business transactions including acquisitions, mergers, and transfers; succession plans; commercial transactions; real estate purchases; and MWBE/DBE certification; to name a few.