General Business Representation

The attorneys in Hinman, Howard & Kattell’s General Business Representation practice group possess extensive experience in Corporate and Business law, having represented thousands of corporations, Limited Liability Companies (LLCs), Limited Liability Partnerships (LLPs), general and limited partnerships, sole proprietors, and other entities. When coupled with an intimate knowledge of our clients’ needs, this broad background enables us to advise business clients ranging from start-up companies to multinationals to publicly traded corporations in a wide range of business matters.

We are adept at regulatory, employment, environmental, securities, tax, and antitrust matters. Our attorneys work closely with owners, executives and employees, including in-house counsel, to position our clients to be successful in the ventures they pursue and to be leaders in their industries. Businesses rely on us for corporate legal advice and guidance, from capital formation to sophisticated financings, from buying another business to selling a business. Some of our attorneys have been senior-level corporate officers in various fields, serving as general counsel, in-house counsel, and chief legal officers.

For new companies, we advise clients regarding different forms of business entities and assist them in determining which type of entity is best suited to their particular strategic goals. We have experience forming corporations, LLPs, LLCs and more. We also advise new companies regarding the many ancillary issues that arise in the day to day business world, from commercial leases and regulatory compliance, to insurance and executive compensation.

We offer established enterprises insightful counsel when contemplating business decisions, and effectively work to implement them. We handle corporate reorganizations, mergers and acquisitions, divestitures of business divisions and equity and asset sales of businesses in domestic and international commercial transactions. We have experience in complex financing issues, including Industrial Development Agency bonds.

At times, our clients in moderately sized businesses request we serve as the equivalent of in-house counsel. In so doing, we dedicate a particular attorney who leads the relationship and spends regular time at the client location. Other attorneys supplement as needed. In these situations, we collaborate with the client to find the arrangement that works best.

We are familiar with the challenges facing family-owned businesses and closely held corporations, and excel at developing strategies for our clients with such businesses. Our Corporate and Business attorneys work closely with our Estates and Tax attorneys to assist family-owned businesses to structure continuity for succeeding generations.

We are proud that our client relationships span decades and we count a number of leading businesses and industries as our clients.

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